K is for Komodo Dragon

Here are three facts about Komodo Dragons:

1: Komodo Dragons were not known to people outside their habitat until the first World War.

2: Komodo Dragons can weigh up to 150 kg (that’s 300 lbs).

3: The bite of the Komodo Dragon can kill animals up to the size of cows because of the bacteria from the Komodo Dragon’s mouth.

Here is a video about Komodo Dragons:


3 thoughts on “K is for Komodo Dragon

  1. I watched the video and I know for sure I would not want to get too close to one of these creatures. And I found very interesting the description of their “bacteria mouths”. I am leaning lots. Keep posting!!!


  2. Hi, just dropped by from the challenge and watched the video . That’s one scary lizard. It’s the size of a gator. The bacteria in their mouth is another lethal weapon for them, it’s poison. When the guy on the video said he thought the dragon was about to regurgitate, I thought it was about to happen and I was gonna lose my dinner along with it, LOL. Very interesting post. Glad I found your blog. I see that your letter J post, below was on jellyfish. My kids get stung repeatedly, every summer in Florida. The stingers really irritate my son’s skin. It swells and he says the sting burns and hurts. They don’t hardly bother my teen daugher. She splashes some vinegar on the red mark and jumps right back in.. I swim in the same water and have never been stung nor have I ever stepped on one. I’ve always wondered why we all have such drastically different experiences with the same creatures, in such close proximity.
    Enjoy the challenge.
    Melissa Sugar

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